Lab Director

Dr. Vivian P. Ta-Johnson

(formerly Vivian P. Ta)

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lake Forest College

Chief Data Scientist, Polis Solutions, Inc.

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, University of Texas at Arlington (2018) 

Curriculum Vitae

Summer 2022
Lab Manager

Amelie Motzer

Research Assistants 

Mati Fonolla

Nilufar Imomdodova

Ceanna Loberg

Wiktoria Pedryc

Lab Alumni​

Carolynn Boatfield, '22 (MS Physician Assistant Practice, Rosalind Franklin University)

Isabel Krupica, '22 (Winner of David L. Krantz Prize in Psychology; MS Clinical Counseling, Rosalind Franklin University)

Belle Tseitlin, '22 (Winner of Sterling Price Williams Prize in Psychology; PhD Clinical Psychology, Rosalind Franklin University)

Xinyu Wan, '22 (MA Social-Organizational Psychology, Columbia University)

Sophie Rasof, '22

Katie Miller, '22

Alexandra Pavlikova, '22

Imani Downer, '22

Esther DeCero, '21 (EdS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Loyola University Chicago)

Caroline Griffith, '20 (MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Dayton)

Alexia Loggarakis, '20 (Master of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago)

Katie Kauth, '20

Anne Keller, '20 (Admissions Counselor, Lake Forest College)

Haley Bader, '19 (Master's in Counseling, University of Denver)

Lamia Yanouri (University of North Texas)

Banan Ramadan (University of North Texas)

Emmalie Moe (Southern Methodist University)


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